Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New NFC Tag Designs

I've been designing some new NFC tags to be used on top of pre-printed materials to enable mobile transactions. The stickers are intended to be a call-to-action for mobile engagement. Apply these anywhere to prompt mobile users to TAP.

Monday, September 8, 2014

NFC Stickers for iPhone 6

Near-field communication (NFC) rumors have been swirling around the iPhone 6 for the last few months. This seems to be the case with the past few iPhones, but this year is different. By now the NFC rumors would have stopped, but instead more and more details are emerging. This all leads to one thing, iPhone 6 will have NFC. 

There are plenty of printed options to choose from the fit your iPhone 6 NFC needs. 40 Visuals has the best selection of printed NFC products including, custom NFC Stickers, Generic Printed NFC Stickers, Blank NFC Sticker Rolls and Printed NFC Business Cards. All compatible with iPhone 6 NFC.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blank NFC Sticker Rolls at Wholesale Pricing

We found the best source for blank NFC sticker rolls at wholesale pricing that are compatible with iPhone 6.  Given the rise of NFC marketing, more printing companies and advertising agencies are looking to offer value with certain NFC products, particularly stickers and tags.  With the right pricing, businesses can offer printed NFC products to their customers and make money!

Our Advice: Buy pre-printed blank NFC sticker rolls with Ntag203 or Topaz 512 chips ONLY, as these are the two NFC chips that are compatible with ALL NFC devices including iPhone 6. 

NFC Stickers for Visa with QR Code

These NFC stickers were printed by Tappinn for Visa at Mobile World Congress. The design features a QR code along with the NFC call-to-action which leads to a PDF download with specific info for each of the payment services.

How do you feel about meshing NFC tags with QR codes?

Clear NFC Cards

Clear NFC Cards for Business and Promotion

We came across these PVC transparent clear NFC promotional cards printed with an exposed antenna and chip. SO COOL! These cards look like they are straight out of Minority Report and I will be sure to order these now that the iPhone 6 is NFC enabled.

40 Visuals manufactures printed products that can be teamed with digital content for mobile users. They offer a range of NFC signage products along with NFC Cards and stickers at wholesale pricing. Not only do they print signage for the top luxury brands in the world, they are also at the forefront of teaming digital content with static imagery for more influential signage products.

The clear NFC cards feature an Ntag203 chip from NXP that stores 144kb of data and is compatible with all NFC devices including iPhone 6. They can be programmed with info such as web links, music downloads, rewards, and V-cards with contact info.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NFC Tag Sticker Graphic Design

Here is a new NFC sticker graphic design that we will be printing for mobile marketing. This NFC tag sticker design belongs to Tappinn and available for anyone to use. Contact Peter at 800-962-3119 if you are interested in designing NFC stickers for your brand. Enjoy!

Anticipating that Apple's iPhone 6 will read NFC stickers and tags, we will be offering special pricing on design work for NFC including artwork and products.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

QR Codes and NFC Tags Working Together

This is a cool video teaming QR codes with NFC tags and offering users the luxury of either scanning or tapping a QR advertisement for additional mobile promotions. The Smart Poster in this video uses an NFC sticker behind the QR code. Pretty cool! There will be a gap between smartphones that are NFC enabled and those smartphones that can only scan QR codes, but offer suitable mobile web browsing. Why alienate these scanners from mobile interaction? QR codes can be a great marker for NFC stickers. Check out the scan or tap prototype by Tappinn. Click the link for more info about NFC Mobile Marketing Services.